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I've been finding people jobs since 1973, and I have helped thousands of candidates find great career opportunities. Let me help you too!

Tony has been featured on the Dr. Phil Show numerous times and according to Dr. Phil, "Tony Beshara is the best of the best" at finding people jobs. More about Tony...

By: Tony Beshara
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"Thanks for your blogs. I used many of your insights on my last interview and landed an awesome new job."

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... newest revelation on stories and the effect on your job search

If you follow what I write regarding looking for a job you know that I recommend job-search candidates to tell stories.  From psychologists we learned that stories are successful because they remove the prejudice of the listener toward the storyteller and encourage the listener to identify with the person in the story.  By identifying with the people in the stories,  the listener becomes more engaged with the storyteller and asks themselves questions like “what would I have done in that situation? “… We are so caught up in the drama of the story that we have little emotional energy to disagree…

This is especially true in the intervening situation.  Candidates are nervous and scared and, most people are wounded. Hiring  authorities are equally afraid of making a mistake... stories soothe the other side of the desk...

Now comes a study, reported in the Journal of Neuroscience... These neuroscientists led by Uri HassonBrain believe the brain waves of the people listening to a story begin to mimic the brain waves of the storyteller... in other words the listener of the story starts "thinking" like the storyteller... using functional magnetic resonance imaging, scientists reported the neural responses of the story listeners and at the same time recorded the activity of the storyteller...  and they are the same...

So, if you want the interviewing authority to "see" the same way you and really like you as a candidate, tell real effective stories

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Understanding Your Competition

You are graduating into a very competitive job market.  You need to understand exactly how competitive, and your school placement or career departments can be very helpful.    With their help, you can determine how many graduates are entering the local and national markets with your degree.  

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"I finished your book today, and I have to say that it is the best career-search book I have seen.

It is brilliantly written with a literary non-fiction story line, it is comprehensive, insightful and provides a very practical reference guide for all aspects of the career search.

Well done."

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